SOLU is...

The biblical Hebrew command used by Isaiah, to “build up” the highway, in preparation for Yeshua’s return!
A “voice calling in the wilderness” in this generation, preparing the way of the Lord until all will see His glory!
An indigenous house of prayer & ministry base located in Israel on the edge of the Judean Desert.

Our story


The foundations of SOLU were laid in the fires of a 24/7 house of prayer, with a group of hungry teenagers gathering weekly to worship & cry out to God. From a weekly prayer room gathering to the streets of downtown Jerusalem & now through ministry across Israel and into the nations - a highway is being built to prepare the way of the Lord!

What we do

“Preparing the Way for Revival & Yeshua’s Return”

House of Prayer

This is our foundation & our first place of ministry. We give ourselves wholeheartedly in love for Yeshua as a voice in the wilderness to prepare the way for His return. We delight in Him because He delights in us! We abide in Him, as it's the only way to bear real fruit!

CREATE Culture

The Spirit moves through the vehicles of music & language, touching people’s hearts & transforming their lives. Writing & releasing songs (as well as other creative media) is one of the primary ways we impact culture. Divine creativity is a powerful tool to bring change!


We want to be a source of revelation & practical tools for this generation to embrace the call to lifestyles of worship, prayer & fasting. Whether through training at our SOLU Center, or by traveling to other cities in Israel, we want to help the body grow in its identity as the house of prayer.

Reach the nations

Yeshua clearly told his disciples to “go” as a “light to the nations.” This was Israel's call from the beginning & it still is today. So whether to our neighbors in the region or to the ends of the earth, we've said “yes” to this call to help carry the gospel of the kingdom to the nations that the end might come.


Whether we’re “Out of Zion” on a special tour or celebrating the feasts in Israel, coming together to worship & pray is one of our favorite things to do! We’d love for you to join us 🙂

In addition to these public gatherings, SOLU House of Prayer has regular watches geared toward our local community, which we don’t publicize. If you’re coming from abroad & would like to join us, you are welcome to send us a message so we can try & find the best time!

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You can be a part of this work, too! By praying for us and sowing financially into what we are doing, you enable us to be the “boots on the ground.” Together with you, we can make a powerful impact in Israel and the nations, building up God’s kingdom & preparing the way of the Lord until we see revival and Yeshua’s return!